Sunday, 23 February 2014

Crazy Caterpillar Carrot Cupcakes

To conclude our 'c' week last week, we reread Hungry Caterpillar and found the foods that he ate that started with C. We decided to make our own cupcakes fit for a caterpillar. We chose carrot cupcakes, because we thought carrots would be good caterpillar food, and starts with C too! Miss Nicholas brought a tiny little oven along so we could bake them in our class. We even took our extra cupcakes to the staffroom for the teachers to enjoy. 
Here is the recipe we used, and some pictures of us making our cupcakes.

 While we bake we learn to read recipes, measure, count, know why we using baking soda and oil, and we get to write about a real life experiences. Thanks Julia for coming to help us.
We can't wait to do more cooking soon!

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