Friday, 7 February 2014

Our First Week in Review

Learning to use Pic Collage on the Ipads.

Our letter of the week this week was T. We read these two t-shirt books, and then designed our own t-shirts and trousers.

Miss Nicholas helping to cut material for  T-shirt and trouser designs. 

Mrs Berry helping Lorelei, Cody, Savannah and Jazmin.

Cahill doing her self portrait. 

Lorelei using an Ipad to make a graph. 

Designing our t-shirts and trousers.

Tessa, Jazmin and Marley making a graph on the  Ipad. 

Designing our t-shirts and trousers. 

Designing our t-shirts and trousers.

Hannah, Jazmin and Bianca designing their t-shirts and trousers.

Josh designing his t-shirt with Mrs Forsyth. 

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  1. What very talented and creative students you are! Well done all of you! Ms Sherson, Auckland


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