Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Our School- An Ipad Project.

Today we talked about what it is like to just start at our school, and important places that new children need to know. We had a brainstorm of all the important places, using our Apple TV. Next we went around the school, and took photos of the important places. We all learnt how to find the camera on the ipad and use it sensibly. When we returned to our class, we found EduCreations on our Ipads, and Miss Nicholas showed us how to inset and resize a picture. We then wrote about our pictures and recored our voices. 

Our writing goals were to: Find and use words on our word cards (this, is, the).
Use a full stop. 
Include first sounds of new words.

These are some of the results. Please Click on them to listen. What do you think? Did we meet our goals?

This is Tessa's work. Tessa has only been at school for 2 weeks!  

This is Quinn's work on the Ipad. Quinn is a real whizz with the Ipad and even helped the others by letting us see his work on the Apple TV!


This is Georgie's creation. Georgie found her words on her word card all by herself today!

This is Lorelei's story. She remembered her 'h' sound from her phonics lesson!

 Here is Isabella's work. Isabella was super quick at getting her work done independently!


  1. What fun you children are having in your classroom. When I went to school, we did not have Ipads
    or computers. We used to have ink on our desks. To make our pens work, we had to fill them with ink. It was very messy. Ipads look much more fun. I liked your work on T-shirts, you are all very clever. Your teachers look nice too. Mrs Millington, Waikato

  2. What an amazing class! You are learning so much very quickly and doing a great job. It's so cool to see that you can learn on an ipad and have fun at the same time! You go guys!! Ms Sherson, Auckland

  3. I enjoyed looking at your videos. You are very lucky to have Miss Nicholas as your teacher. We studied music together at The University of Waikato. Ask her to play her trumpet for you. I look forward to hearing more about your iPad project. Mr Marshall, Hamilton

  4. I loved watching and listening to your videos. Room 8 you are becoming so confident on the iPads.


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