Monday, 24 February 2014

We are learning all about frogs!

This week in Room 8 we are learning about the lifecycle of a frog. We already know about lifecycles after learning about butterflies last week. We started today by reading a non-fiction big book, called Diary of a Tadpole. We decided we probably could teach our parents a thing or two about tadpoles, so we thought we would make some videos for our blog! Then we got into pairs and discussed two important stages of the frog's life that we wanted to talk about. We used the big book to find images, which we took photos of and imported to Educreations.  Next we told our buddy what the picture was about, and wrote about it together on the next slides using our word cards and finding words in the book to help us. We love using our Ipads in Room 8, and we love using the Educreations App. We are starting to get good at it, and we can use it independently! 

It is fantastic to see the children so engaged in their learning, and so excited about finding the information themselves. This is a great way to combine a traditional learning medium with modern technology, for children to learn from their peers, and to see the way a child is thinking and going about their writing. - Miss N

This is Tessa and Brydie's work. We hope to have more up in the coming days. Please leave a comment!


  1. This is fantastic information about Tadpoles and Frogs. Keep up the hard work!!! :)

  2. What a great piece of reading and writing girls well done. It looks like a lot of fun learning about frogs!

  3. I love frogs. Did you know they are endangered ?

  4. I think you are very lucky to have teachers who want to use IPads for learning! And I love your new 3 D printer. Perhaps you could show us what you print out on the new machine!


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