Monday, 17 February 2014

We Can Self Check our Writing!

Today I introduced the children to self-check strips. When they have finished their writing, they get one of these strips, glue it onto their page, and check to see if they have met each criteria. They highlight the things they have done, then the teacher signs it to confirm. The symbols mean (in L to R order) Does it make sense? Does it look right? Does it sound right? Have I used finger spaces, capital letters and fullstops? Have I drawn a picture? Have I edited my work? Have I read it to a buddy? Today we focused on fullstops, picture and finger spaces. It was great to see the children re-reading and checking their work themselves. 
This is Siobhan's caterpillar writing today. Siobhan already knew how to spell 'my' and 'eat'! She found 'egg' and 'caterpillar' in her word bank, by herself. She used her sounds to spell 'got' and 'fat'. When she did her self check, she realised she forgot some of her finger spaces. Great writing and self-checking Siobhan!

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  1. Well done Siobhan. It os great to see you making the sounds in your words. Remember those finger spaces


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