Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Beginnings of an Auroa School Staff Band

Last Thursday morning, you may have heard some strange sounds coming from the Auroa School Hall. Some of the teachers decided to get together and play some music! Mr Bloor was on drums, Mr Spice on bass guitar, Mr Tai on guitar and vocals and Miss Nicholas on trumpet! We played Mr Spice's favourite song, and decided we would play it at assembly the next day. I think the kids really enjoyed it! Mr Bloor put together this awesome video. Have you got any ideas of more songs we could play?


  1. I was lucky enough to see and hear the rehearsal for this practise in the hall the other day and I know that the students were very excited about it being performed during assembly. Its fantastic that students see the other side of teachers talents.
    Mr Webb

  2. Well, that is one very cool school you go to! Gosh you have very musical teachers! Barbara White.

  3. Love your teacher's band - awesome performance!!!
    Marilyn from Hamilton

  4. Miss Nicholas--we are all waiting at our primary school to see more posts of your teacher band playing ! It is very inspiring to our school rock bands to see what can happen when you grow up, if you keep on with music. Ohaupo Primary School


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