Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Check out our interesting story beginnings on Padlet!!

We have been learning to write interesting beginnings for our stories to 'hook' our reader's attention. We read two stories, and the children noticed that the one that was most interesting started with sound word. Another name for sound words is onomatopoeia. The children then came up with a list of their own sound words. Onomatopoeia is just one type of hook you can use to make an interesting beginning.

 In buddies we talked about a time we went on a trip, and the sounds we might have heard. We then choose our favourite to start our stories. When we shared our stories with the class, many of them had such an interesting start, the kids asked the writer "what happend next?"

 Today the children used Padlet independently to publish their stories. Some kids even reread and improved their writing when they were typing it. We are getting faster at typing too. You can see their original work in their pictures.

 What do you think? Did their beginnings make you want to keep reading?


  1. What a lovely idea for motivating your students. You got great results. Well done boys and girls on your interesting story starters. We wonder what happens next?
    With every good wish,
    Merry Beau and 2nd Class Room 6

  2. Great story Mikayla I hope it wasn't when Mum got pulled up by the policeman.



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