Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Number Bonds Beads- New Maths Rotation

Today I Introduced Room 8 to these Number Bonds Beads that I made in the holidays. They are made of a pipe cleaner, with a large bead with a number written on it, and the same number of coloured beads. The children rearrange the coloured beads to either side of the number, to explore different ways the total can be made. At the moment, we are learning about bonds of 5 and 10. Today the children had a competition to see who could write the most number sentences to add to 5 and 10. Didn't they do a great job! It helps the children to understand that one number can be made by a variety of combinations. Parents, these would also be a great way to practice basic facts at home. You could have totals of any number.


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