Monday, 19 May 2014

Our Class Shop- Learning about Place Value through Money in Room 8

Last term, Room 8 Rainbows learnt to count in 10s. This term we have started learning about place value. We can write numbers into the place value houses, and we know which digit shows the number of tens, and which digit shows the number of ones. We can make numbers using place value rods, bundles of sticks and beans in canisters. We know that 9 is the biggest number that can live in each house. In pairs we have been practising writing numbers and having our buddy make them using materials.

Today, Miss Nicholas said we were going to have a class shop. We decided what we would sell, and how much each thing would cost (vegetables seem to be very expensive at the moment!) There was one problem, the bank only had $10 notes, and $1 coins (we used counters.) Isabella and Siobhan were the shop keepers, and the children had to decide what they wanted to buy. They then had to pay the shop keeper using $10 notes and $1 coins. Some children knew straight away how to make their number, and others worked it out by writing their number on the place value houses. The children then checked they were right by counting their money in tens. The children were hugely disappointed when maths came to an end today!!

Check out our photos and videos from today. More to come....


  1. Your shop looks so much fun. All of the children seem to be very good at counting out money. Maths looks more exciting than it was when I went to school. Well done to you all. Toni Delarue

    1. Thank you very much for your comment. Room 8 kids love maths!


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