Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Fantstic Numbers 1-23- Georgie, Mia, Jayden and Marley

Today Georgie, Mia, Jayden and Marley had a big job to do during maths. They had to order all their numbers from 1-23, match them with the words, and create tens frames patterns with teddy bears to go with each number. They worked so hard on this for almost an hour, and were really excited to take photos of their maths when they were finished. The children made some great observations all by themselves when they were doing this.

Jayden said "Wow, 23 is a lot lot longer than the other numbers!".
Mia and Georgie discovered that to make teen numbers with tens frames, the 1 in the number means you need 10, and the second part tells you how many you need on the other tens frame.
Georgie also challenged herself by starting at 23, and working backwards. She got really good at working out the number before.
Marley worked really hard sounding out the words and matching them to each number.

They are looking forward to teaching others in the class how to do this tomorrow.

Didn't they do a great job?

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  1. Great hard work kids. Looks awesome! -Mrs.Poole


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