Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Skip Counting Maths Rotation- Using Pic Collage

Today, I told the class that I was sick and tired of finding shoes all over the classroom. I said "we must have millions of them". Room 8 told me I was being silly, so i suggested we find out for sure. 

I suggested we count them one at a time, but then Tessa said that it would be much quicker to count them in 2s. 
 As an independent maths rotation, the children took photos of shoes in Pic Collage, then skip counted them in 2s to find out how many there were in total. 
Some Room 8 kids forgot to put their names on their work today, so if this is your groups work and you forgot to add your name, please leave a comment below.  

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  1. Thank you Miss Nicholas for the comment. Your video is very cool, awesome. Your kids are loud. I like your big classroom. You should get the kids to get closer to the background. What are you learning at the moment?


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