Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Missing Kayak Washed Up Outside Room 8! Our writing

Scott Donaldson's kayak that has been lost at sea for months finally washed up today, in South Taranaki, down the road at Otakeho Beach!

Scott tried to cross the Tasman alone in a kayak in July but was winched to safety just 74km off the Taranaki coast after he suffered head and chest injuries and weather conditions deteriorated.

A helicopter that was taking tours around the Mountain spotted the kayak on the beach. It is extremely heavy and had to be lifted by helicopter onto the truck. Sandford's brought it to School for us to check out just as school was finishing today. Look at the free-floating goose barnacles that have been growing on the side! We can't believe how tiny the kayak is- and that someone could spend 3 months living in this at sea!

Here is some of the writing Room 8 did today.

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