Monday, 15 September 2014

A Suprise Visit from Scott Donaldson- Trans-Tasman Kayaker

Today as Room 8 were just getting started on their writing, a tall figure emerged at the door. "That's funny", I thought, "we weren't expecting anyone!"

Very soon though, we realised that the man at the door was Scott Donaldson, the Trans-Tasman Kayaker that Room 8 learnt about when his kayak washed up down the road a few weeks ago. Scott had received a message from Room 8 and enjoyed reading our stories. Scott's beard from the media photos is gone and when Room 8 saw Scott for the first time, they were surprised that he would be able to fit in the tiny kayak hatch. 

Scott came in and took a seat in Room 8, and talked with us for about half an hour. He patiently answered all of Room 8's many questions and shared stories from his incredible trip. He told Room 8 of the 20kgs he lost while at sea and the 3m sharks. He told us about losing his rudder and how he combatted loneliness and kept his mind active. Scott told us he spent 5 years planning his journey, and many Room 8 children realised this was how long they had been alive.  We were so excited to hear that he has started planning another expedition. Such an important lesson in perseverance for our children to hear. Scott then brought his kayak into school, and children came out from all the classes to see what was going on, while Scott answered more questions.

Thank you so much for your time Scott, we were honoured to have you at our school today. You were so patient with the children and answered all of their questions seriously.  The class said they thought you were very kind and very, very brave, and your visit gave us something much more exciting to write about today!!!


  1. Wow ... What a great opportunity. Such a lucky bunch of kids to meet him. :)

  2. Dear Miss Nicholas.
    What an exciting time for you and your class to talk to Scott. The children must have been thrilled to hear of his adventures on his epic journey. Your photo's of the classes with the kayak are super.

    1. Thanks for your comment Ross! So cool that you are following my class blog. It was a fantastic surprise when Scott turned up- The children had so many questions for Scott and were so interested, they still haven't stopped talking about his visit.


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