Sunday, 21 September 2014

Woohoo! 20,000 page views!

Thanks to all the people that regularly check out our class page, we have reached 20000 view so far this year!


  1. Room 8 and Miss Nicholoas
    20,000 page views is a fantastic amazing achievement, well done. The next challenge is of course looking at increasing that.
    Mr Webb

  2. Well done guys!

    That is a great accomplishment - I work at St Andrew's College in Christchurch.

    I sometimes help our Junior School
    Students (yr1-3) with their learning too - here is a story of them on our blog skyping with Vikings in Jorvik (York)

    I thought you might find it interesting :)
    Perhaps we could Skype with you one day.

    All the best

    Mr McNeill

  3. What a lovely picture you have of 20,000. The numbers that have funny faces look great. Well done Miss McNicholas and class. 20,000 visitors is a fantastic achievement. We were a whole year getting just 1,000 views. We got 14,000 in the following year. So in two years we had only reached 15,000. That is 5,000 less than you have had so far this year! So we are VERY impressed. We see that even since you reached this milestone, your number of visitors has risen by nearly 500 more, so you are well on the way to your next really big number :)

    It is exciting and motivating for the students to know that their work is being seen by such a lot of people. We find knowing that the world wide web reads our work means we try to do our best work; to be very careful of our spelling and grammar and to do good art work to match.


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