Wednesday, 12 November 2014

MOA Awards- Best Junior Music Video

Wow what an amazing night last night at the MOA Digi Awards and Room 8 children did so, so well! We won a total of 5 awards last night! Congratulations to all finalists from Room 8. Last night was our first annual MOA Awards. These awards recognised excellence in ICT. Finalists were even chauffeured to the awards in classic cars!

These were the winners from our class:
Siobhan and Isabella- Best Junior Animation
Sophie, Harlem, Joshua and Siobhan- Best Junior Graphic Image
Maddy- Best Photo
Lauren, Maddy, Bianca- Best Music Video
Lauren also won one of the major prizes for Best Actress! How cool is that?!

Other finalists from our class were:
Mia, Quinn, and Amelia for their Animation
Bianca, Lauren, Cahill and Quinn for their Short Movie
Isabella, Alyssa and Te Rama for their Graphic Image
Isabella for her Photo
Bailey and Brydie for best Te Ao Maori
Room 8/ Miss Nicholas for Best Class Blog 
Miss Nicholas for best Teacher with ICT
Mrs Berry for Teacher with ICT

I plan to upload all the finalist / winning works here over the next few weeks, so, watch this space!
Below is our winning music video teaching people about earthquake safety. The children even wrote the lyrics them selves!

Also, check out Bailey and Brydie's Te reo animation here which was a finalist in the MOA awards. 


  1. WOW!,
    What a fantastic video about what to do in an earthquake. I loved the lyrics as well as the background where students were following the instructions. Congratulations to both the songwriters, the singers and the crew in the background.

    1. Thank you Miss W for commenting on our blog do you have many earthquakes ? I had an earthquake and the lights swinging the doors wereopening and shushing I ran under the table. It was scary f
      rom Mia . age 6

    2. G'day Mia,
      Where I live in Tasmania, we rarely get earthquakes. I doubt they ever make more than 1 or 2 on the Richter scale. Whenever I travel in America especially in California where Mrs Yollis lives, I always think what would I do if there was an earthquake from the San Andreas fault.

  2. @ Room 8,

    Congratulations on your win! I just watched your video and I found it to be informative AND adorable!

    We are on the Ring of Fire too, so we experience earthquakes from time to time. I will show my students your video tomorrow to review the important safety tips you shared.

    I lived near Northridge, California, back in 1994. At 4:30 A.M. a huge 6.7 earthquake hit and I was glad I was prepared! Many people lost power and had to cook their food outside on the barbeque. A quake of that magnitude was quite unusual. We usually only have small ones that don't last very long. How often do you get earthquakes where you live?

    I look forward to seeing all the winning videos and photos!


    Mrs. Y♥llis
    Los Angeles, California

    1. Thank you Mrs Yollis.
      In New Zealand i had a little earthquake and i looked and it stopped. It wasn't scary.
      From Lorelei
      Age 5
      Room 8

    2. Bianca Room 8 Auroa SchoolThu Nov 13, 01:01:00 pm

      Dear Mrs Yollis
      do you have earthquakes all the time? One time at my house I had a earthqupke. I hid under the table, and I held on tight. Thank you for giving Room 8 the message
      From Bianca Room 8
      Age 6

    3. To Mrs Yollis
      How did you feel in the earthquake? How often do you have earhtquakes in America? Thank you for your connection with our class. I hope your students learn about earthquakes. Moa stands for a bird in New Zealand but it is extinct. I got a MOA award for my Granny Groggin Animation. Lauren got one for the Earthquake song.
      From Isabella,
      Room 8, Age 6

    4. Dear Mrs Yollis,
      Do you often have tornadoes where you live?
      I know that tornadoes happen in America. We only have baby tornadoes here.
      Thank you
      From Siobhan

    5. @ Loreli, Bianca, Isabella, and Siobhan,

      Thank you for commenting back to me! All of you are a excellent bloggers!

      You asked if we have earthquakes all the time in California. California gets a couple a year that cause at least a little damage. However, I haven't noticed an earthquake in years.

      While researching earthquakes, I learned that largest earthquake in history happened in 1960. This record earthquake measures a magnitude 9.5 on the Richter scale. Wow! That happened how many years ago?

      Isabella, I am looking forward to seeing your award winning animation Granny Groggin!

      Siobhan, you asked if we get tornadoes where I live. No, there are no tornadoes in California. However, the middle part of our country gets tornadoes. In fact, it is call "tornado alley" because it gets so many twisters!

      Your blogging buddy,
      Mrs. Y♥llis

  3. Congratulations on your awards! I really enjoyed watching the video and will share it on Twitter. What does MOA stand for?

    Mr. C
    Noel, Missouri USA

    1. Hi William,
      Thank you very much for your comment. We are glad you liked our video. Thanks for sharing our video. MOA stands for the names of 3 schools in our area; Matapu, Opunake and Auroa. Moa is also the name of an extinct native NZ bird, that grew up to 3.6m high!
      Do you have earthquakes where you live?
      From Room 8, Auroa School, NZ

  4. What a fantastic video. My wife (she's a teacher too) and I have just sat here and watched it twice. You are a very talented group and I love your singing! Well done everyone.

    Mr Rockey
    Head teacher
    Westwood with Iford Primary, UK

    1. Thank you for putting a comment on Room 8's blog. Do you have earthquakes? In New Zealand we have earthquakes. We have a lot of earthquakes and we hide under the tables and hold on tight. You stay there until the earthquake has finished.
      From Mikayla
      Age 5 Room 8

    2. Thank you very much for your kind comment. Room 8 children worked very hard on this video and they are extremely proud of the result. I hope it will help them remember what to do in an earthquake.
      Shakira Nicholas
      Room 8 Teacher

  5. Well done on your video. You were all so relaxed and confident in front of the camera and you passed on an important message to children like yourselves, who live in beautiful places but where there are earthquakes.

    Earthquakes around Ireland where we live are usually at a magnitude of about 1.5 or 1.8 and happen out to sea. Instead we just do fire drill. But we haven't written a song about it ... yet. Haven't seen your great video, maybe we might.

    There are five hundred of us in school and with practice, we learned how to exit the school in three minutes.

    We never had a real fire, but once when teacher was making pop corn it got a bit smoky and the fire alarm went off. It was good practice to have to exit the school quickly.

    With every good wish, Merry Beau and Students, Greystones, Wicklow, Ireland, Europe, The Northern Hemisphere ;)

    1. Dear Merry, I Had an earthquake it felt like the floor was shaking the lights were shaking. I hid under the tables. What food do you have in a Ireland ? Form sophie p in room 8 xx.

    2. Dear Sophie P,

      Thank you for your reply and your question.

      I know very little about earthquakes, but I think, climbing under the table sounds like a very good idea.

      So, what food do we have in Ireland?

      Well a lot of the food we have would be like the food you eat in New Zealand
      like chicken, chips and pizza perhaps.

      We have Chinese food and Indian, Italian and Spanish.

      Ireland is famous for its potatoes. We have an Irish dish called Colcannon.
      It is made of mashed potatoes mixed with cabbage and onions.
      Some people add bacon.

      We eat Colcannon at Halloween and on St. Patrick's Day.
      I think it is very tasty.

      Long ago people put used put coins in the Colcannon.
      People don't do this as much now, because you might swallow the coins by mistake.
      It was said if you found a coin in your Colcannon, you would grow up to be rich!

      With every good wish,
      Merry Beau and Students (from a cold, wet and wintery Ireland)

  6. Congratulations from Singapore!
    Well done - the MOA awards sound fantastic. I was honoured to judge some of the categories. You are all very talented!
    Keep up the great work
    Mr Kemp

    1. To Mr Kemp
      Do you know what to do in an earthquake in your class? You did a fantastic job of your comment. From Georgie age 6

  7. What a fun way to celebrate future focussed learners and their teachers! Looks to me like the teacher achieved an award as well as the clever young people :) Great way to teach us about earthquake safety Room 8.

    Mrs Burt

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Do you have earf quakes sometimes? Thank you for your comment. There was an earthquake one day and I was scared one time. I was scared all day. From Amelia age 5

  8. Hi Room 8, wow! Congratulations to you all. That was very well done. I'm from Christchurch and we have a lot of earthquakes! Our students are amazing at knowing exactly what to do in a quake, just like you in Room 8.

    1. Thanks for your comment! Room 8 wants to know how often do you have have earthquakes in Christchurch? Yes- we really hope we never have to use our earthquake skills in a really big earthquake, but at least we do know what to do now.
      From Miss Nicholas and Room 8

  9. Sorry Room 8. Typing on my phone and it's a wee bit uncooperative.

    From, Bridget, Selwyn House School in Christchurch

  10. What great singers and dancers and such good sorts to get up and have a go! I was a young teacher in Kawerau when we had the Edgecumbe earthquake in 1987. We could have done with your techniques then because it was very frightening and a lot of people panicked. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Dear Annemarie,
      Thank you for commenting on our blog.
      What happened in the big earthquake? Did things fall off the shelves? Did you get under the tables?
      From Room 8


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