Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Internet Safety- Don't Give Away You Details

Over the last few weeks, Room 8 has been busy learning about how to stay safe of the internet. We learned about keeping your personal details private, and asking your parents before you sign up to anything. Often cool online games will want you to enter your details before you play. It is important that you don't give away personal information like your full name, address, phone number, bank account details. Even some strange information like your favourite food etc could be used for baddies to work our password questions! Check out some of the Puppet Pals animations Room 8 kids made to teach other kids about internet safety. These children are 5 year olds (new entrants).

By Bryleigh and Tuiana

By Kearah and Amelia

By Ava, Sophie and Amelia

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  1. Hi Shakira
    Great Blog site to follow!
    Internet Safety, not sure if its just me but i can only watch the first video, not the next two, both are not working and say an error occurred,please try again later. Could you look into please.
    Keep up the good work BTW!!


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