Sunday, 3 May 2015

Kearah's ANZAC Day Story

Here is Kearah's story about ANZAC Day. Kearah (age 5) has been learning to start her stories with an introduction (Who, what, where when), use time words to put her story in order, and finish her story with a feeling. She wrote this story independently in about 30 minutes and published it in a Google Doc when she finished. 

On Tuesday I went to Kaponga to go to Anzac Day with my family. First my mum said “Get up we have to go. We have to do cards for the people that are at ANZAC Day.” Then we got in the car to drive there. There were lots and lots of people waiting at the door. After that we watched all the people talk. Finally it was finished and we drove home. I felt upset because the people died.

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