Monday, 15 February 2016

Fence Checking and Robin Monitoring

At Rotokare it is important to carry out regular checks of the fence to make sure it is still predator proof. The fence is 8.2km long and surrounds the reserve, going over hills and gullies. A baby mouse can get through a 7mm hole in the fence!  These checks happen once a week and each check has a different focus. Last week we also had to collect in the tracking tunnel cards from around the fence line, and reset the traps (just incase any predators get in!). There are beautiful views across Taranaki and the Lake from the top of the fence.  

The view of lake Rotokare from the top of the fence

Testing the fence to make sure an alert will be sent if the fence is damaged. 

On the way back to base, we went into the bush to do some Robin surveying, taking notes about the behaviour, condition and habits of the robin. There are only about 10 known robin at Rotokare, so we were lucky to find about 3 of them, and we even found a nest of babies!

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