Thursday, 3 March 2016


As part of the Science Teaching Leadership Programme, I get to spend some time at the Royal Society of New Zealand in Wellington learning about how to improve they way science is taught. On the programme we have secondary teachers and primary teachers, which makes it really interesting getting to see a different perspective than I'm used to. 
Last week I headed down a day early to visit the Zelandia Sanctuary in Karori. Zelandia is a similar size to Rotokare, but has been established for longer. Like Rotokare, Zelandia is surrounded by a pest proof fence. Due to an earlier fence design with wider mesh, Zelandia does however have some mice present. 
Jo, another teacher participant, is being hosted by Zealandia, so it was wonderful to have the opportunity to compare her experience with mine. 
Kaka at Zealandia. The kaka like to use the paths as roads to fly down. We had to duck a few times to avoid them.

A hihi feeder. Rotokare is investigating reintroducing hihi in the near future, but a lot of research needs to be carried out first. This includes finding out the the sustainability for for the stock population, and tracking and monitoring within the reserve to insure the population is likely to survive. Hihi are very rare, and can only be found on 3 island sanctuaries, and 2 locations in the North Island (Zelandia is one of these). 

Looking over the sanctuary.

A tuatara. Rotokare hope to reintroduce tuatara one day!
My first ever time meeting a takahe. 


  1. That Kaka is gorgeous! Do Rotokare have a time frame for reintroducing the Tuatara Shakira?

    Rod Mullin

    1. They are beautiful aren't they! Not that I'm aware of (re the tuatara). I think it's on the wish list for the near future though! Wouldn't that be cool?


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