Friday, 28 February 2014

Our Special Package

we know you have all been waiting in suspense to see what was in our special package. We made this video to show you!
The footage was taken by Bailey and Mikayla! Great job guys!

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Our 3D Printer Writing

Today we went to see our new 3D printer (see post below). Then we worked in pairs together to write about all the things we could make using a 3D printer. I really liked Lauren's idea! She thought we could print some money to buy whatever we wanted! Great thinking Lauren!

 Lauren and Cahill Mya and Jayden Siobhan and Cody

Our New 3D Printer

This week our school finally got our new 3D printer. We have been waiting excitedly since the start of the term! Room 8 went to look it it in action, then we wrote stories about what we want to print with it! (Sorry, will know not to record in portrait for next time!)

Monday, 24 February 2014

We are learning all about frogs!

This week in Room 8 we are learning about the lifecycle of a frog. We already know about lifecycles after learning about butterflies last week. We started today by reading a non-fiction big book, called Diary of a Tadpole. We decided we probably could teach our parents a thing or two about tadpoles, so we thought we would make some videos for our blog! Then we got into pairs and discussed two important stages of the frog's life that we wanted to talk about. We used the big book to find images, which we took photos of and imported to Educreations.  Next we told our buddy what the picture was about, and wrote about it together on the next slides using our word cards and finding words in the book to help us. We love using our Ipads in Room 8, and we love using the Educreations App. We are starting to get good at it, and we can use it independently! 

It is fantastic to see the children so engaged in their learning, and so excited about finding the information themselves. This is a great way to combine a traditional learning medium with modern technology, for children to learn from their peers, and to see the way a child is thinking and going about their writing. - Miss N

This is Tessa and Brydie's work. We hope to have more up in the coming days. Please leave a comment!

A Special Package

Today Room 8 received a special package in the mail..... I wonder what it could be?

Puppet Pals- Isabella- Help Me

In reading at the moment, Isabella is focusing on using expression, and thinking about what is interesting to listen to. Today Isabella used the Ipad app Puppet Pals for the first time. She first read her new book with Miss N, then she created her characters by taking photos from her book. She then went outside onto the deck to create this animation all by herself. You can hear her using her reading strategies when she comes to a tricky word, and using some beautiful expression. Kapai Isabella!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Crazy Caterpillar Carrot Cupcakes

To conclude our 'c' week last week, we reread Hungry Caterpillar and found the foods that he ate that started with C. We decided to make our own cupcakes fit for a caterpillar. We chose carrot cupcakes, because we thought carrots would be good caterpillar food, and starts with C too! Miss Nicholas brought a tiny little oven along so we could bake them in our class. We even took our extra cupcakes to the staffroom for the teachers to enjoy. 
Here is the recipe we used, and some pictures of us making our cupcakes.

 While we bake we learn to read recipes, measure, count, know why we using baking soda and oil, and we get to write about a real life experiences. Thanks Julia for coming to help us.
We can't wait to do more cooking soon!

Monday, 17 February 2014

We Can Self Check our Writing!

Today I introduced the children to self-check strips. When they have finished their writing, they get one of these strips, glue it onto their page, and check to see if they have met each criteria. They highlight the things they have done, then the teacher signs it to confirm. The symbols mean (in L to R order) Does it make sense? Does it look right? Does it sound right? Have I used finger spaces, capital letters and fullstops? Have I drawn a picture? Have I edited my work? Have I read it to a buddy? Today we focused on fullstops, picture and finger spaces. It was great to see the children re-reading and checking their work themselves. 
This is Siobhan's caterpillar writing today. Siobhan already knew how to spell 'my' and 'eat'! She found 'egg' and 'caterpillar' in her word bank, by herself. She used her sounds to spell 'got' and 'fat'. When she did her self check, she realised she forgot some of her finger spaces. Great writing and self-checking Siobhan!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This week we are learning about the letter C, and reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar! We are going to be doing caterpillar activities all week, and learning about life cycles. Today we started to make these caterpillars. We are going to publish our story retell on the back of the leaves. These are Lauren and Joshua's caterpillars. 

Happy Birthdy Taylah!

Today was Taylah's first full day in Room 8, because she turned 5 today! Happy birthday Taylah, it is great to have you join us. 

Students of the Week- Week 2

Last week in Room 12, our Student of the Week awards went to Marley and Quinn. Marley is always the first one to notice when something needs to be done in the class, and uses her initiative to do it quietly, and in her own time! Quinn is a real whizz on the Ipads, and has been sharing his skills with others. He is always happy to help! Fantastic effort Marley and Quinn. 

Saturday, 15 February 2014


Yesterday we had our school triathlon, and everyone took part, even Room 8. Juniors did a run around the field, two laps of the tennis court (if they brought their bike), and one width of the pool. We were lucky to have some fantastic seniors helping to take us across the pool. Afterwards we enjoyed a sausage sizzle, thanks to the PTA, at the cricket club. Tu meke everyone! Great effort.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Look What Great Readers We Are!

We had our first visit to the school library today, and we were all so exicited to be able to choose our own books to take home! Don't forget to bring your books back next Thursday Room 8!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

This week our letter of the week is T. We have been reading the big books 'T-shirts' and 'Tim's Tshirts' and now we are designing our own t shirts and shorts to go on on our paper people. 

Our School- An Ipad Project.

Today we talked about what it is like to just start at our school, and important places that new children need to know. We had a brainstorm of all the important places, using our Apple TV. Next we went around the school, and took photos of the important places. We all learnt how to find the camera on the ipad and use it sensibly. When we returned to our class, we found EduCreations on our Ipads, and Miss Nicholas showed us how to inset and resize a picture. We then wrote about our pictures and recored our voices. 

Our writing goals were to: Find and use words on our word cards (this, is, the).
Use a full stop. 
Include first sounds of new words.

These are some of the results. Please Click on them to listen. What do you think? Did we meet our goals?

This is Tessa's work. Tessa has only been at school for 2 weeks!  

This is Quinn's work on the Ipad. Quinn is a real whizz with the Ipad and even helped the others by letting us see his work on the Apple TV!


This is Georgie's creation. Georgie found her words on her word card all by herself today!

This is Lorelei's story. She remembered her 'h' sound from her phonics lesson!

 Here is Isabella's work. Isabella was super quick at getting her work done independently!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Our Goals

We are very clever in Room 8! We can use our Ipads already. This week we are using Ipads and Pic Collage to write about our goals. Miss Nicholas was very impressed with how good we were at making our own collages. We still have even more Pic Collages to upload later.

We hope you liked looking at our work! Please tell us what you think. What were you good at when you were 5 or 6? What were your goals?

We are working on instantly recognising our tens frame patterns.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Our First Week in Review

Learning to use Pic Collage on the Ipads.

Our letter of the week this week was T. We read these two t-shirt books, and then designed our own t-shirts and trousers.

Miss Nicholas helping to cut material for  T-shirt and trouser designs. 

Mrs Berry helping Lorelei, Cody, Savannah and Jazmin.

Cahill doing her self portrait. 

Lorelei using an Ipad to make a graph. 

Designing our t-shirts and trousers.

Tessa, Jazmin and Marley making a graph on the  Ipad. 

Designing our t-shirts and trousers. 

Designing our t-shirts and trousers.

Hannah, Jazmin and Bianca designing their t-shirts and trousers.

Josh designing his t-shirt with Mrs Forsyth. 

Student of the Week

It was so hard to decide who to pick for Student of the Week, because all of Room 8 are so fantastic!
This week we chose Sophie Perrett. This week was Sophie's very first week at school, and she has settled into routines perfectly, is helping other children, and is doing her best in all subject areas. Well done Sophie!

Discovery Time in Room 8- Summer Holidays

We had our first discovery time in Room 8 today, with all of the junior syndicate taking part. We had a summer holiday theme today. Children put up tents, made driftwood sculptures, did sand art, played cricket, wrote postcards, and tried on dive gear.  Some of the seniors came in to take photos. Alyssa and Lucille from Room 1 made this slideshow for us. 

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Class Expectations

On Monday, our first day back at school, Room 8 talked about what students should do at school, and what teachers should do, so we can all work well together. This is what we came up with. Room 8, Miss Nicholas and Mrs Berry drew their pictures and stapled them to the wall, to show they agree to always do these things.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Room 8 is excited to be connecting with 3 other classes from schools around NZ with our blogs this year. Those classes are year 0/1/2 classes from:
 Wairakei School
Otautau School
Eastern Hutt School

Our classroom- Room 8

We are so lucky to have such a beautiful learning space in Room 8. It's looking a bit bare at the moment, but it will soon be filled with lots of colourful examples of our learning. We are really looking forward to having sides put on the covered area outside our class too!