Saturday, 19 April 2014

Technology in Numeracy- Presentation to Other Teachers

Last week Mrs Berry and I gave a presentation to teachers from the MOA Cluster, sharing ideas about how we enhance numeracy learning through ICT.
You can view the presentation slides here.

This is some of what we showed the other teachers:


Using Aurasma to  demonstrate maths stages to students and parents. When you come into Room 8, grab an Ipad and hold it over our Maths Stages wall. Videos of the students will appear for each requirement of the strategy, demonstrating what it looks like. We hope this will help students to see what others are doing in the class, and  encourage students to aim for the 'next level'. We are also using Aurasma for our artwork. When you hold an Ipad over our Greedy Cat artwork, you will see the students reading their stories to match.


I use the Educreations App for lots of things in Room 8, and one of them is for getting children to explain the way they solve a maths problem. Usually the children do this so they can teach a concept to other children. There is no better way to learn something than teaching it to someone else! Educreations gives children the ability to add in pictures, and audio. I have all our class Ipads set up with number lines and tens frames saved in the camera roll, so they can add these to help explain a concept too. The children use Scene Creator Apps to demonstrate a word problem. Here are some examples. In these videos they are explaining how to count on from the biggest number, using a number line.





How to use Educreations- Starring Lauren

QR Codes

I use QR codes in a number of different ways in Room 8. We have a QR reading corner and a QR wall with links to different websites. I also glue QR codes in the back of students books so parents and students can look at their digital work. A new way I have recently started using QR codes in maths, is to read aloud word problems to our young students, who are unable to read them independently. You can see an example of this in the above video. I use a website like  to record the audio, then to turn the audio into codes. 


  1. Miss Nicholas and Miss Berry
    I was lucky enough to be present when you presented this presentation on Wednesday evening and thought that you both did a sensational job. This really is using IT of the highest quality and I was thrilled with the quality and the pedagogy behind the presentation. I am quite old so I have seen a lot of presentations during the years but I thought this was an exceptional explanation of the process that was well explained and demonstrated amazing quality. Superb.
    Mr Webb.

    1. Thank you Mr Webb, I really appreciate your feedback! Your positive words mean a lot coming from someone with your skills and experience in ICT use. It was the first time I have ever given a presentation like this as a teacher, and I was really thrilled to be given the opportunity.
      Miss Nicholas

    2. We need to retweet this at the start of the school term. More people need to see it.

  2. Hello R8 & Miss Nicholas,
    I love your post on how you are effectively using digital technologies to enhance and enable learning for your students. I'm going to share your post with our team as I'd love them to read and see how you have done this. Your post is a great example for our staff as we are encouraging staff to plan and provide opportunities for learning with digital technologies more purposefully. If your class would like to make a connection with one of our classes check us out:
    ps I'd love a copy of your maths stages (have direct messaged Mr Webb if I could get a digital copy please)

    1. Hi Justine, thank you very much for your comment. I'm flattered that you want to share this with your team. I think it is really important that technology is used in classrooms in a way that actually enhances leaning, and to do things that can't be done with more traditional methods- not as a babysitting device. I have shared you in to a Google file containing the maths stages- let me know if this doesn't reach you. I would love to make a connection with one of your classes- Which class would you suggest?

    2. Thanks for the digital files, got them perfectly! We have 9 classes in our junior team so you could take your pick! Libby Slaughter in room3 is the team leader, we've been focussing on blogs to share the learning happening at school for parents and our teachers are to make a minimum of one post per week, our junior team do this well. Thanks again and will let you know if the team use them!

    3. They'd be a number of keen teachers from our school I would imagine.

  3. Congratulations on an amazing presentation. The quality of learning that is evident is of the highest standard. It is amazing what you as a team are producing considering you have only been together since the start of the term. Scary what we might see by the end of the year :)

    1. Thanks Heath,
      I am pretty excited to see the direction that we will be heading in by the end of the year too!

  4. Great Educreations! We are working on these in my classroom, and our class has learnt a lot from using yours as great examples to follow.
    Thanks so much, we will be popping in and out of your blog for more great ideas!

    1. I'm so pleased that this has been useful for you and your class, we would love to see how you are using Educreations. We are starting to use Explain Everything now too, as it has the benefit that you can go back and edit your work once saved, insert videos and also link work to the children's Google Accounts. Educreations is good though, especially with this age group because of its simplicity.


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