Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Wassily Kandinsky - Circle Art in Room 8

Today in Room 8 we learnt about 2 artists that use circles in their work. 
The first was a Russian artist called Kandinsky. Kandinsky was a Russian painter who was famous for creating abstract pictures with lots of colours and shapes.

He was the first famous abstract artist. He said that good art does not have to look like something in a photo.

We started creating our own Kandinsky circles today using pastels. We folded paper into quarters, then started in the middle. We were trying to blend the colours together at the edges. We will continue to update you as we progress. 

Thanks to http://www.mrsbrownart.com/ for the idea and information!

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  1. it was so much fun can we do it again
    georgie room8 auroa


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