Monday, 7 April 2014

We are learning about HALF

Today we started learning about fractions. We now know that halves are made of 2 pieces and we know what the symbol for half looks like. We learnt why it is important that the pieces are the same size when Miss Nicholas was sharing a piece of liquorice with Tessa. Tessa was not impressed with a smaller piece!

Miss Nicholas set up 5 stations around the room where we had to make half. We had to pour half a cup of water, write the symbol for half, cut a playdough pizza in half, draw a pattern on half a whiteboard, fill half an egg carton with teddies (some of us even noticed that half of 6 is 3!!) and colour half a strap of 'liquorice'.  We took photos as we went around, then when we were finished we made used the PicCollage app to show all the different ways we made half.


  1. it was fun doing halves with pic collage it was fun to learn.
    Georgie room 8 Auroa.

  2. Woohoo Georgie, your very own comment! I am so glad you enjoyed learning about halves. See if you can make halves at home.
    Miss N

  3. We learnt about halves in Room 8 yesterday. I liked pouring the water to make half.
    Marley Room 8


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