Monday, 26 May 2014

Using the Number Pieces App to Explain our Place Value Adding.

Recently, Auroa School teachers had the opportunity to go to Auckland to look around a number of schools.
At Point England School, I saw the children using an app called Number Pieces Basic.
This app can be downloaded here for free.

Today Room 8 rainbows started learning about by adding 'big' numbers using place value. We do this by counting the tens first then the ones. After practising on the mat with me, the children went away to solve this problem independently. They listened to the problem by scanning a QR code on the board.
First, they the problem represented in tens and ones using Number Pieces Basic. Then they took a screen shot. Next they opened Educreations, where they explained how to solve their problem.
Remember, this is independent work using a new strategy for the first time, so there are some errors. But they did pretty well for 5 and 6 year olds!






Sunday, 25 May 2014

Discovery Time

On Fridays the Junior School at Auroa Primary School, Rooms 8,7 and 6 have been holding each week a discovery time, assisted by the classroom teachers and some senior students from Room One.  This Friday the focus was Art.  Alex from Room One took these pictures to record what was happening.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Check out our interesting story beginnings on Padlet!!

We have been learning to write interesting beginnings for our stories to 'hook' our reader's attention. We read two stories, and the children noticed that the one that was most interesting started with sound word. Another name for sound words is onomatopoeia. The children then came up with a list of their own sound words. Onomatopoeia is just one type of hook you can use to make an interesting beginning.

 In buddies we talked about a time we went on a trip, and the sounds we might have heard. We then choose our favourite to start our stories. When we shared our stories with the class, many of them had such an interesting start, the kids asked the writer "what happend next?"

 Today the children used Padlet independently to publish their stories. Some kids even reread and improved their writing when they were typing it. We are getting faster at typing too. You can see their original work in their pictures.

 What do you think? Did their beginnings make you want to keep reading?

Monday, 19 May 2014

Our Class Shop- Learning about Place Value through Money in Room 8

Last term, Room 8 Rainbows learnt to count in 10s. This term we have started learning about place value. We can write numbers into the place value houses, and we know which digit shows the number of tens, and which digit shows the number of ones. We can make numbers using place value rods, bundles of sticks and beans in canisters. We know that 9 is the biggest number that can live in each house. In pairs we have been practising writing numbers and having our buddy make them using materials.

Today, Miss Nicholas said we were going to have a class shop. We decided what we would sell, and how much each thing would cost (vegetables seem to be very expensive at the moment!) There was one problem, the bank only had $10 notes, and $1 coins (we used counters.) Isabella and Siobhan were the shop keepers, and the children had to decide what they wanted to buy. They then had to pay the shop keeper using $10 notes and $1 coins. Some children knew straight away how to make their number, and others worked it out by writing their number on the place value houses. The children then checked they were right by counting their money in tens. The children were hugely disappointed when maths came to an end today!!

Check out our photos and videos from today. More to come....

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Happy Mothers' Day

Happy Mothers' Day to all our wonderful Room 8 mums. Hope you liked the cards (the kids had a wonderful time making them and posing for photos), and hopefully the fingerprint key rings made it to you in one piece! 

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Repurposing- Our New Inquiry Topic

For the next two terms, we are learning about repurposing. This is when you take something and make it into something different. As a class we will be developing our own product and working out how we can sell it. Yesterday we introduced the children to the word 'Repurposing' and they brainstormed ways to repurpose different things from our recycling bin. Today I brought in some popcorn. Room 8 thought the main purpose of popcorn was to eat it. We discussed other purposes that popcorn could have. Then we turned our popcorn into necklaces by carefully using needles and cotton. We gave the popcorn a new purpose!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Number Bonds Beads- New Maths Rotation

Today I Introduced Room 8 to these Number Bonds Beads that I made in the holidays. They are made of a pipe cleaner, with a large bead with a number written on it, and the same number of coloured beads. The children rearrange the coloured beads to either side of the number, to explore different ways the total can be made. At the moment, we are learning about bonds of 5 and 10. Today the children had a competition to see who could write the most number sentences to add to 5 and 10. Didn't they do a great job! It helps the children to understand that one number can be made by a variety of combinations. Parents, these would also be a great way to practice basic facts at home. You could have totals of any number.