Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The Big City- Adding Verbs to our Writing.

When we came back to school on Tuesday, Miss Nicholas told the class about her weekend in Auckland. We discussed things that we might see in a city that would be different from Auroa. 
We then watched this short film about the big city of New York. We found where NY was on our big map. 

We talked about all the things we saw in the video (nouns), and what those things were doing (verbs). The children made a brainstorm in their books. Today, they put 2 of their ideas together and published their sentence on Padlet. Here is the result.


  1. Wow! Room 8. That looks like exciting writing. New York is one of my favourite cities- I have been lucky to travel there twice. My son is 7 years old and desperately wants to travel more. He loves to look at Apple Maps- have you tried looking at Apple maps at New York City? It is now in 3D! You can really get a sense of being there and I bet it would inspire you in your writing.
    I love your use of Padlet- my class love Padlet too. We are buddies with Mr Webb's class.
    Great work, Room 8. I'll be keeping an eye on your blog for more exciting learning.
    Mrs C-M,

    1. Thanks for your comment! That is a great idea to look at Apple Maps in 3d, Room 8 kids were really fascinated watching the video of NY, and are really keen to find out more. We'd like to know, what was the thing you liked the most and the thing you liked the least about New York?
      We've been using Padlet lots in Room 8 and we are really starting to get the hang of it now and can do it all by our selves.
      Your new Junior learning space looks really great!

  2. Great writing! New York looks very cool. Nicola (Worser Bay School)


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