Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Missing Kayak Washed Up Outside Room 8! Our writing

Scott Donaldson's kayak that has been lost at sea for months finally washed up today, in South Taranaki, down the road at Otakeho Beach!

Scott tried to cross the Tasman alone in a kayak in July but was winched to safety just 74km off the Taranaki coast after he suffered head and chest injuries and weather conditions deteriorated.

A helicopter that was taking tours around the Mountain spotted the kayak on the beach. It is extremely heavy and had to be lifted by helicopter onto the truck. Sandford's brought it to School for us to check out just as school was finishing today. Look at the free-floating goose barnacles that have been growing on the side! We can't believe how tiny the kayak is- and that someone could spend 3 months living in this at sea!

Here is some of the writing Room 8 did today.

Check out these links for more information.

Mya's New Sister

We have another new baby who has joined the Room 8 family! We were so lucky to have Mya's gorgeous new baby sister visit us at school this afternoon. Her name is Kenzie and she is about 5 weeks old.

Isabella's New Sister

Isabella emailed me this gorgeous photo of her with her new sister this morning! Congratulations Harvie Family, Libby is gorgeous! We can't wait to meet her.

Hi Miss Nicholas
This is my new little sister Libby. Mum said she's looks just like me when I was a baby.
Love Isabella

Thursday, 21 August 2014

How to build a Repurposed Bird Feeder

Yesterday, some of the children started making their designs. I worked with the children who's designs were made out of wood. They had a lot of fun building at school and learnt some new skills, like measuring, sanding and using a hammer. We will get the rest of our designs underway tomorrow! I must say I felt a little bit worried holding the boxes while the kids hammered, but they all had great aim. Photos taken by Tessa and Mia

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Te Rama's Writing

Today Te Rama did some 'personal best' writing. Check out all the words he found on his word card or already knew! The children were writing about their favourite age to be.
His story says: I like to be 5 because Mum lets me go to work and Mum lets me go to the shop.

Repuposing- Our Bird Feeder Designs

Here are some of Room 8 designs. They have based these on the research they have done and the Youtube tutorial videos they have watched.

Children Making Prototypes at Home

We have been talking about prototypes and making a 'test'. Mia and Sophie made their own 'test' bird feeders at home. They said they made sure they included the attributes that a bird feeder should have- like a way to hang it, a place for birds to sit and a place for food. More photos of other enthusiastic children's home repurposing to come. 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

AKO Inquiry- Repurposing- Research

The next step in the iDiscover phase was to research different types of bird feeders. Room 8 children used QR codes to safely search Google images, for different types of bird feeders. They then saved the pictures they like to the camera roll on the iPad and then imported the pictures to a PicCollage. Room 8 can now do this completely independently. Here are some of their research posters.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Repurposing- Our research

We have been very busy in Room 8 using the AKO inquiry cycle in our repurposing unit. We are working on building our own bird feeders.
First during the iDiscover phase, we found discussed why we might have have bird feeders.
Here are the children's responses.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Hail- An Audio Book Animation by Room 8 @ Auroa

At the end of last term we experienced some intense hail at Auroa School. Room 8 was very excited and felt inspired to write about them. We cancelled our regular writing plans and went out into the hail to see what it felt like, looked like, sounded like, and some even tasted the hail! We also discussed interesting verbs we could use.  Room 8 Rainbows crafted such beautiful stories, I decided we could make our very own Audio Book Animation. We created and photographed our artwork and then added our photo animation and audio recording using Puppet Pals. Miss Nicholas put all the work together and added the captions using iMovie.  

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Class Photos- A sneak preview

Today we had what was the first class photos for most of the children in Room 8. Room 8 had a really fun time having their photos taken because the photographer gave all of the children silly names like 'Tomato Sauce' and 'Fish Pie'. Here is a sneak preview of the children getting their photos taken (note: these aren't the official photos of course!) Thanks to Taylah's Mum for taking the photos for us.

Repurposing Our Old Paper

As part of our repurposing studies, we were lucky to have Lauren's Mum, Claire come in to make paper with Room 8. Room 8 kids discovered last week that paper is actually made from trees, and we need to cut down trees to make paper. The clever cookies in Room 8 already knew that trees produce oxygen, and we need this to breathe, so they were quite concerned. They thought it would be a great idea to use our old paper to make new paper. We even used old junk mail and flyers.
Here are some of the photos from our paper making. Watch this space to see what we will turn our beautiful paper into.

PS. 20 Whanau points for Room 8 kids that can write the instructions for making paper in the comments.