Sunday, 24 April 2016


It has been all go this last week at Rotokare, as we have been putting out and bringing in tracking cards for the bi-annual full sanctuary 'Tunnel Run', along with the weekly trap checks/ re-baits across the sanctuary. It seems that the 'tunnel run came at a good time, as last week a mouse was found in a trap inside the sanctuary. Unfortunately, it was also at the top of the fence, on the furtherest possible side of the sanctuary from vehicle access. 'Emergency' procedures were engaged, and we put out extra traps in the surrounding area to the mouse find, which now have to be checked daily. Luckily, the tracking cards were already in place, which we then started to check daily too. A few mousey footprints emerged in a nearby area, so more traps were set. Then footprints and mouse bodies began to pop-up in a few different areas of the reserve. Arrrgh! So far, 3 mice have been caught, and we have found 5 sets of footprints on the tracking cards. It will be a few months of regular card/ trap checks to see if the problem has been sorted. Fingers crossed!

 Ben and Teague who came to the sanctuary with Auroa School last week, came out again this week with their Dads in their school holidays to volunteer their time to help out with the trapping/ tracking effort. At times like this, it is extra helpful to have lots volunteers because there is even more work than usual to do!

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  1. Very timely to be doing the tracking tunnels at the moment! Teague and I went out on Sunday and hiked up the old ridge road to the far access gate area. Menzies? I think they call the place. Checked traps and cards, but no mice.


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