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We are a class of year 0-1 children from Auroa School, South Taranaki in New Zealand. We are lucky to have 1-1 devices in our classroom. We have 2 teachers in our classroom. This is Miss Nicholas' page. We hope you enjoy looking at our work.


  1. Dear Miss Nicholas, Mr Webb mentioned your blog on Twitter, so I decided to visit. I am dropping in all the way from Ireland.

    Our students are on holidays until Monday, but we will come back to visit then. We are starting into our final term of this school year. We will get out holidays on June 30th for two months. Until then we will have busy, happy day with school tours and our annual sports day. We will also have standardized tests and report writing. I am very interested in your photo project and look forward to seeing the photos that result.

    Through our blogging connections with New Zealand, the students now have a very practical understanding of time zones and seasonal differences between the northern and southern hemispheres. As a teacher I am very interested in the curricular differences. I admire the way you do things in New Zealand. Rightly or wrongly it seems to me that your school work is inquiry based and more practical than ours and that your students learn many valuable life skills at school.

    With every good wish,
    Merry Beau

    1. Hi Merry
      How exciting to have a comment all the way from Ireland. I look forward to showing Room 8 kids your comment then helping them to find Ireland on a world map. We would love to see some photos from your class or school for us to compare! That is great that you are using blogging as a way to help your children gain an understanding of the world. Yes- inquiry based learning is quite big here -I'd love to find out more about the schooling system in Ireland.
      Thank you for your comment- look forward to hearing more from you and your class.
      Miss Nicholas

  2. Hello
    We are a Year One class at Pukete School in Hamilton. We have enjoyed looking at your blog and wonder if you want to have a look at ours? http://room3puketeschool.blogspot.co.nz/ Thanks for some great learning ideas!

    1. Thanks for your comment! I'll be sure to show my class your page next week. Looks like you are doing heaps of cool language experiences! Might have to borrow some of your ideas too :)


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