In Room 8 we have spelling and basic facts homework every week.

Spelling Homework

Our weekly speling words are taken from the Essential Lists. Together the words on the Essential lists make up about 75% of most writing, so they are very important.  These words have been arranged in alphabetical order and put in lists according to how often they are used. Because these words are used so often, it is very important that we learn to spell each one.

The Essential Lists can be found here. Please feel free to extend your child by learning more of the lists at home!

Room 8 students receive 2-5 words to learn per week. These words are individually given to each student, based on words misspelt in their writing and spelling tests.

Basic facts Homework
Each week Room 8 students receive 1-3 number knowledge activities to work on. These are usually taken from the knowledge component of The Numeracy Stages. A check list of these can be viewed here.
It would be beneficial to print these off and work on these with your child at home too.

National Standard Expectations 
After 1 Year at School- Stage 3
After 2 Years at School- Stage 4

Please see the resources page of our blog for tools and printables to help you at home.

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