Learning Apps and Websites for Kids

Maths Machine for Ipad

-Great for number knowledge.
-Beautiful artwork.
-Aligned to the NZ Curriculum
-Option to play in TeReo Maori.

Letter School (Handwriting app)

Spelling City
This is a website that is great for helping your child to learn their weekly spelling words. Just type in your child's words, and then the website creates games and tests personalised to the list you entered. 


  1. Kia Ora !!!! Room 8 @ Auroa School

    I am Te Rama's Nanny who lives in Wellington. What a fabulous initiative for whanau to stay in touch and it encourages participation with your learning experience. To be able to virtual into my moko's classroom is magnificent and I truly commend Auroa's principal, teachers and BOT for such a wonderful achievement.

    Allowing Grandparents the opportunity to gain an overview on their grandchildren, education is a particular passion of mine as is the school community, so once again, thank you.

    Sending lots of virtual hugs and kisses to Te Rama, his friends and wonderful teachers xxxx

    Kind Regards

    Janine Davis
    Te Rama's Nanny Jay

    1. Tēnā koe Janie,
      It was so nice to receive your kind message, which I have shared with the Auroa School management team. I agree, our school blogs and online presence are a wonderful way to engage whanau, and we are so pleased that you are enjoying the opportunity to have a glimpse inside your Grandson's classroom. It is so important for family to be involved in education, as education should be a partnership. We hope you keep following our blog and commenting on our blog (feel free to sign up to "Follow By Email" on the right hand side) and share it with your family.
      From Miss Nicholas and Room 8 @ Auroa


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