Leaving a comment

Step 1: Click on the title of the post which you wish to comment on.

Step 2:
Scroll down until you see a box that says 'Enter your comment'.

Step 3: Write your comment in the box.

Step 4: Click the drop-down menu where it says 'comment as'.

Step 5: Click 'name/url' and type in your name, don't worry about a URL.

Step 6: Press continue, then publish.

Please note: Your comment will not show up straight away, it needs to be verified by Miss Nicholas first.
Thank you for commenting on our blog, we love to read your feedback.


  1. we have been learning about 1/4's and 1/2's , also I am having lots of fun.

    from cahill room 8

    1. Well done Cahill- I am so proud of you for leaving your first comment on our Blog! It is so great you are thinking about your learning at home. Have you bee able to take a photo of half or quater of something?
      Miss Nicholas

  2. What a great idea posting how to comment. I totally overlooked something like this! I have borrowed your steps for my class blog too! Thank you!!


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